Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues!


As President of IIA Hungary, I’m happy to inform you that - based on the votes of the IIA CEE leaders - our  chapter has the privilege to host the CEE conference in 2016. The event will be organized in Budapest on 19-20th of May, 2016. The venue of the conference will be at the Headquarter of Hungarian Telecom, an excellent facility which hosted several international conferences organized by IIA Hungary.

The title of our conference will be „Next Generation of Internal Audit – Problem solving 2016”. According to this title, we have attracted both the young and the more experienced representatives of Internal Auditors. We selected such presentations from international and local speakers, which will be attractive for all internal auditors with different kinds of experiences and from different sectors. We will be covering topics from audit techniques and soft skills to people management. Fraud management skills, risk management techniques, IT auditing and compliance will all be on the agenda in order to make sure that the next generation of Internal Auditors will be well equipped with the above skills and knowledges.

We have also invited a business leaders both big names and young talents to talk about their experience of controls and to provide ideas how auditors can provide value to Top Managers in reaching their goals.

The proven track records of international conferences organized by IIA Hungary and the incomparable beauty of Budapest will guarantee that you will have a great conference experience next May.

I am confident that the above topics will be attractive enough for many of you to attend, and the attendance will provide you the knowledge and motivation towards a more successful audit carrier.

Hope that the Board of IIA Hungary will be able to welcome many of you in Budapest!

     Yours sincerely,


Robert Kollar
President of IIA Hungary 



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